Terms and Conditions

Pricing / Orders:

1.)    All prices based on 1 order deliveries.

2.)    All prices are including VAT.

3.)    All Prices and Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. When placing your orders please confirm price and availability.

4.)    Terms of sale are Electronic Bank Transfer and C.O.D only.

5.)    The pricelist will not be valid without the terms and condition page attached.

6.)    Backordered item prices are NOT firm and may change per fluctuating cost.

7.)    No order can be made without a written Quotation from TSC Computing Services.

8.)    Orders bigger than R 1000 will be accepted only with prove off full payment bo exceptions.

9.)    Payment should be made into TSC Computing Services account:

a.       BANK: ABSA

b.       Account name: TSC Computing Services Pty Ltd

c.       Account Number: 4096263042

d.       Branch Code: 632005

10.) No cash refunds will be made for incorrect deposits made.

11.) Rejection of quotation for repair will be charge at R 400-00

12.) An R1000 penalty will be charged on a cancellation of a "Complete" PC or Notebook Order.

13.) Component / spare parts orders will be cancelled 5 days after completion and a 15% handling fee will be charge, if not collected.                 

14.) PC/ Notebook orders will be cancelled 5 days after completion and a 30% handling fee will be charge, if not collected.

15.) Backordered items that have come into stock will be cancelled 7 days after completion.  


Despatch & Returns:

1.)    A full credit will be issued if returns take place within 2 days of invoice date, provided goods are in resaleable condition, including all Manuals, Software and Packaging.

2.)    If the return of goods takes place after 2 days from the date of invoice (maximum 7 days), then the credit passed will be, the lesser amount of 70% of the current selling price, or 70% of the original purchase price, whichever is lower, provided, the good.

3.)    No credit will be issued if the return is 7 days after invoice date.

4.)    A 30% handling charge will be issued for goods not being returned with their "original" Packaging, Software or Manuals. The acceptance of such return is at our discretion.

5.)    No goods will be despatched without positive identification documents on the following:

a.       Goods bought on account

b.       Goods bought by cheque                              


1.)    Products have a 12-month warranty from date of purchase. (Unless specified otherwise)

2.)    All Media and Consumables do not carry any warranty.

3.)    Notebook & UPS batteries only carry a 3 month warranty.

4.)    If any item is defective and returned within 48 hours of purchase, it will be replaced after being tested and found to be faulty by a TSC Computing Services technician.

5.)    TSC Computing Services will not be held responsible for cables, software, packaging or stands lost once booked in.

6.)    Should your machine be booked in for repair, please ensure that your hard disk is backed up before sending your machine in to TSC Computing Services. TSC Computing Services will not be held liable for any kind of data loss what-so-ever.

7.)    Software and retail packaged peripherals will NOT be credited if opened!

8.)    The warranty will be void if the product is:

a.       Any physical Damaged

b.       Any burn marks

c.       Serial number label is missing, damaged or tampered with.

d.       Items is marked or tampered with in any way.

e.       If the items have been mishandled, stuck by lightning, or experienced a power surge.

f.        Any repair time given by TSC Computing Services is merely an estimate and TSC Computing Services will not be bound by it.

9.)    All printers / monitors will only be accepted by TSC Computing Services for warranty purpose within the first 7 days from date of invoice. Thereafter, the products must be taken to the relevant service centres for all after-sales support.

10.) For any out of warranty ups's, monitor’s there will be a labour charge of R 350-00, parts excluded.

11.) Repairs must be returned with original purchase invoice and fault report to TSC Computing Services only!

12.) Items that can be repaired will not be swapped out, this includes: Monitors, PSU's, cases, speakers, scanners, UPS's, Cd-Roms, DVD's, CD-RW and stiffy drives.

13.) Faulty goods must be returned to TSC Computing Services only.

14.) We are not responsible for any repaired goods not being collected after 3 months.



TSC Computing Services Pty Ltd. – Owner (R De Kock)



* ALL PRICES ARE INCLUDING V.A.T. !